—Supreme benefits make cross-border travel easier—

Platform benefits
Financial benefits
Service provider benefits
Value-added benefits
Platform benefits

Provide cross-border sellers with various cross-border store platform benefits

Direct train for handling store problems

3 times accelerated processing of amazon store problems

Store operating
situation analysis

Provide store reports to optimize business strategies

Shopee official wallet-6 months of free withdrawals

High advertising funds

Store safety

Comprehensive store inspection and improvement measures

Dedicated customer

24 hours dedicated customer service

Voyager club
12 club events
Club activities 12 times in 1 year, make connections, and enjoy industry resources

Global Market Exploration Journey

Go abroad to investigate foreign markets and obtain business opportunities

Exclusive course training

Rich learning resources and training courses

Premium wine party

Enrich wine tasting knowledge and expand social circle

Chairman's private roundtable

Exchange Meeting for Sellers from Different Sites

Member outdoor activities

Various high-end outdoor activities, develop contacts

Product exchange meeting

Sharing suppliers, logistics providers, and market data

Financial benefits

Provide cross-border e-commerce sellers with comprehensive and customized financing services
to help sellers solve financial problems

Optimal financing matching

Tailor-made optimal financing products

Handling fee reduction

Enjoy handling fee reduction for early repayment

Interest rate reduction coupons

Deduct interest to obtain lower interest rates

Value-added benefits

Provide cross-border e-commerce sellers with sales data, user behavior data and other data to help sellers understand market demand, optimize product strategies and improve sales results, help sellers enhance their brand image, improve sales results, reduce business risks, and further promote cross-border e-commerce development

Hong Kong Company
 Registration Services
HSBC Hong Kong business
account opening fast channel

VIP fast account opening channel
one-to-one service

Free estimate of
store value

Estimate store value to provide financing decisions

Service provider benefits

Service providers recommended by Dowsure. The service providers can provide new users with various discounts, such as interest-free services during the account period, free use of the system, etc.

Tianmu Logistics Interest free Account Period Service
Qianhai Ledi interest
free account service
Feishu Yitu Advertise
fees to buy and pay later
Start your Voyager program journey now

Grow with funds, grow with us!

Supreme benefits make cross-border travel easier

Grow with funds, grow with us!

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Please use wechat to scan the QRcode to open the mini-program

请使用微信扫码 前往小程序开通

Please use wechat to scan the QRcode
to open the mini-program

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