What is dowfu

Dowfu is a supply chain financial solution developed specifically for cross-border ecological service providers. It effectively solves the problem of low capital utilization efficiency caused by capital shortage for service providers by combining the characteristics of the industry chain business.

Supply inance services

Help service providers
solve financial problems
Relieve financial pressure


Credit sssessment

Assist the service provider
to evaluate the seller's store
Business risk and
account period recommendations


Double account locking

Control the seller's collection funds

Resolve the seller's willingness to repay

Dowfu equity cooperation

Help service providers

to attract new customers

Dowfu function description

Supply Chain Finance Services

Providing supply chain finance services to service providers, relieving their financial pressure, and integrating upstream and downstream financing and payment functions on the service provider platform.

Credit Assessment

Based on the seller's data authorization, a seller store evaluation report is generated within T+0. This helps service providers manage credit terms and provides suggested credit term limits.

Easy Credit (Use Now, Pay Later)

Cross-border sellers of service providers can use goods or services first and pay later.

DAL(Double Account Locking)

For Amazon seller customers with large capital and credit term demands, service providers are provided with account locking services to achieve capital closed-loop and avoid credit risks.

Product Advantage

Convenient Financing

Nationwide operations allowed
Entirely online
Easy lending

Improve customer service

Provide customers with longer credit terms
Increase service capabilities and customer stickiness
Enhance industry competitiveness

Optimized Financial Situation

Reduces core enterprise debt ratio
Optimizes the balance sheet
Enhances financial health

Stable Cash Flow

Easily manage credit terms
Technological data strictly controls risk
Stable funding streams


Logistics Service

Dowfu supply chain platform allows us to no longer worry about the pressure of payment.

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Dowfu easily solves the credit term problem for advertising service providers. Our clients can experience use now, pay later, which also eases our cash flow pressure.

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Service Provider

The use now, pay later experience is excellent~ Enjoying Dowfu services has greatly improved our customer stickiness.

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Grow with funds, grow with us!

Grow with funds, grow with us!

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