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Data compliance

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Cross-border finance

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Precision Marketing

The most accurate marketing for financial institutions based on the screening and selection model.

Lending API

To drive your cross-border financial business with API


Platform account lock-up, receiving account freezing, compulsory sequestration.

Multiple Platforms Support

Provide a unified API by one-off development to connect assets of all platforms.

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Cross-border finance

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To provide banks with data support for their cross-border payment collection business

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Risk Management

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To accurately screen out qualified assets through the screening and selection model

Data Report

To provide a full range of operation data reports for store assets

Credit Score

To provide multi-dimensional operation scoring information for store assets: Operational stability, performance growth, health score, inventory management, customer review

Asset Monitoring

To perform full-cycle monitoring on the quality and risk of assets during the loan phase


To evaluate the value of store digital asset

A win-win situation in cooperation

Federated Single Sign-On

To enable unimpeded and seamless operation between the websites of Dowsure and partners through federated login/trusted login

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