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As the pioneer of digital API platforms for cross-border e-commerce,Dowsure introduced Chinese first-ever cross-border e-commerce insurance in 2017.In 2019, the orpanization partnered with financial institutions and employed its API technologies,sophisticated models,and algorithms to offer digital financial products that provide more speedy,efficient.and secure financing for cross-border e-commerce vendors.

Through years of experience in the cross-border industry, Dowsure has acquired deep expertise in cross-border scenarios, system implementation. and risk control/management. Dowsure has invested millions in researching and developing to facilitate financial platforms for the E-commerce supply chain, developing strong partnerships with major industry players such as Amazon, eBay, and Shopee.

At Dowsure, we take great pride in having helped thousands of online merchants with their financial requirements, and we look forward to the prospect of making your financial dreams a reality.

Development History

Our History



Entered into a partnership with Walmart to become the Asia Pacific Walmart Lending Plan's the first official partner.

Dowsure with HSBC Products Awarded "AAA" Best Solution Structured Trade Finance China.


Received investment from China Merchants Capital over tens of millions of CNY.


"Seller Cloud" is renamed as "Voyager", with new upgraded services,exploring the unlimited possibilities of cross-border trade.


Empowered HSBC to launch exclusive cross-border e-commerce dual currency loan products, forming strong strategic synergy.


Reached a milestone of CNY 5 billion in transaction volume with partnered banks.

Once again selected as one of the 2023 KPMG 50 Leading Fintech Companies in China.



Selected in the 2023 GBA Fintech Luduan Enterprise 20 List.

Dowfu platform was set up to provide a one-stop shop for customers.


New solution to provide cross-border e-commerce technology services for Agricultural Bank of China.


Launched the product——Morfund, there's money in shops.


Dowsure established a partnership with HSBC and received over 10 million CNY.


Dowsure established a partnership with Visa APAC.


Dowsure helped the cross-border e-commerce industry raise over 2.5 billion yuan in financing.


Dowsure was selected as one of the 50 leading fintech companies in China by KPMG for 2022.



Dowsure and its partnered banks/financial institutes reached the 1 billion transaction milestone.


Dowsure Financial Cloud has established an official partnership to launch the first fully online credit loan product "Dow Fund Loan".


Dowsure established a platform partnership with Shopee.


Dowsure accomplished 20 million series B funding.



Dowsure jointly launched the Cross-border Seller Lending | Express with SPDB, and realized the 520 Express Loan (5-minute application, 2-minute approval, and 0-second transfers) for cross-border e-commerce in the industry.


Dowsure successively partnered with cross-border payment companies, such as LianLian, PingPong, World First, Lakala, and Epay, to construct the financial infrastructure of the cross-border e-commerce supply chain.



Dowsure entered into an official partnership with Amazon and has become a Seller Lending Program partner.


Dowsure was listed on eBay to provide sellers with financial and insurance services. SellSure seller protection insurance was recommended by on its home page.



Dowsure completed the Series A financing of tens of millions of CNY led by CDF-Capital and followed by Plug and Play.



Dowsure was respectively selected into the InsurTech Unicorn Accelerator Program in Singapore and China by Plug and Play, the world's top technology innovation ecosystem platform.



Dowsure receives nearly 10 million CNY from the pre-A financing led by Albatross Venture and followed by HUASHAN Capital.



Dowsure received an angel investment of several million CNY from PreAngel.

Our Team

Byron Pei


Louisa Luo


Kevin Huang


Frank Chan


Wei Lin

Head of Technology


Head of Finance

Ryan Liu

Head of Global Partnership


Head of Sales

Join Us

We always welcome individuals with exceptional talent, creativity, and a burning professional passion. If you, too, are seeking to join a team that values excellence, join our team now!

Our Culture

Our team comprises young and dynamic individuals with an average age of 28. We have an exceptional talent pool, including graduates from renowned universities such as Fudan University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Harbin Institute of Technology, the University of Melbourne, and the University of California, Berkeley. Some members have joined us as industry leaders in the Internet, banking, and finance sectors. We possess the courage to turn our ideas into reality and have an infinite vision for our future.

What We Do

Our mission is to equip cross-border e-commerce merchants with cutting-edge technologies and provide FinTech solutions to millions of sellers and partners. We aim to establish ourselves as the world's foremost digital asset infrastructure for cross-border e-commerce.

Our Values

We are client-centric

and we thrive to grow their wealth

We are firm and persistent

in doing things that are hard but right

Taking the plunge

to lead the industry with innovation is our mission

We forgo short-term offsets

and pursue long-term rewards

We honor every commitment with professionalism,

kindness, and integrity

We value inclusivity, openness, altruism,

and actively sharing our successes by contributing to our community

Our Colleagues

Hongxin(Human Resources)

It takes step by step to establish the achievement we have right now. I have gained so much knowledge and experience. Growing together with Dowsure is the best way for me to improve myself. I am so glad that I can work with these excellent and intelligent colleagues!

Sunny(Finance Department)

No matter how the world changes, those who work hard will always be rewarded. If you move every brick well and work hard on the ground, there will always be your splendor and success!

Cedric Chen(Head of Operations)

Success is not accidental, but the result of continuous and unremitting efforts and self-improvement.


Haste makes waste, looking at small advantages prevents great affairs from being accomplished.

Zhuangzhou(Financial Product)

This is a self-discovering and enhancing work journey. Every single product release, every time we find solutions to a problem, makes me enjoy working here. I am pleased with my work, which helps me actualize & grow myself, and refines my value.

Suvi(UX Designer)

Staying focused on moving forward, makes life more fulfilling and enriching.

Haoke (RD)

Although there are obscures at work, I always keep it easy and calm. I believe everything has a solution. As long as you believe, you have the confidence to win, think more, and work hard on every detail. You will find a way.

Dora (Product Operation)

Be kind, and grateful about life and work. Excited about your job.

Mr. Byron Pei (Tao Bai)


Mr. Byron Pei is the founder of Dowsure. He graduated from Xi'an Jiaotong University. He is a hyper-rational detail paranoiac from a technological background. He previously served Ping An Insurance and IBM in their research and development department. In 2011, Byron co-founded ShenPu Information, a FinTech development company providing FinTech R&D services for the insurance, banking, and payment industries. Byron managed a technology team of hundreds of talents and listed the company on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations. Afterward, Byron founded Dowsure Technologies and has been serving as CEO.

Ms. Louisa Luo


Louisa is a co-founder of Dowsure. She graduated from Fudan University in Shanghai. She is a front-line person of operation with a delicate and keen mind. She previously served as a consulting implementation manager in industrial sectors such as IBM and Ernst & Young Insurance. She has rich experience in insurance product design and mobile operation as well as a keen sense of the Internet. She had in-depth knowledge of the customer groups of Haitao and deeply understood their pain points. Such understanding has played a crucial role in the operation logic of the insurance sector products she is responsible for. Currently, she is the COO of Dowsure.

Mr. Kevin Huang (Bai Qi)


Kevin is a co-found of Dowsure. He graduated from Xi'an Jiaotong University. He is a workaholic with passion and concentration for everything. Kevin has 13 years of experience in banking and a dual-academic background in finance and IT. He previously served as branch manager, department head, chief product manager, and IT audit manager at four major state-owned banks. He is familiar with financial businesses and underlying logic such as bank internal control, risk control, and products. He has his own perceptive methodology for the grasp of the company's business model and financial markets.

Frank Chan


Served at sales management in ALPS and a state-owned group successively. 15 years as the management of a state-owned group, with rich experience in the hard technology and Fintech industry, and has a unique methodology in international trade sales and business management.

Mr. Wei Lin (Lin Bo)

Head of Technology

Mr. Lin graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology with a Ph.D. and as a postdoctoral fellow. He published more than 10 papers in academic journals and international academic conferences and applied for more than 20 patents. He also founded a national high-tech enterprise and has served as CTO at integration payment companies and financial groups. He has profound R&D and management experience in the fintech industry.

Mr. Horry Hao

Head of Finance

Previously worked at Ant group and PwC, CICPA, with over 10 years experiences in financial management and auditing, overseeing company’s overall financial operation, financial and operating analysis, and fund management, etc.

Ryan Liu

Head of Global Partnership

Worked in Tiger Brokers. Fintech background. Specialized in private & secondary markets and global partnership. Sufficient experience in IPO, private equity, debt financing etc.


Head of Sales

The sales manager of Dowsure,previously worked at the CREDIT EASE,resignated in Big Data Innovation Center .He has extensive experience in cross-border business development, project and sales management. Familiar with the cross-border e-commerce ecosystem, with a strong understanding and in-depth insight into Fintech business.

Cedric Chen

Head of Operations

As the Head of Operations at Dowsure, Mr.Chen previously served at the BOC and has 10 years of experience in the financial industry. He is familiar with the underlying logic of every aspects of financial business. Meticulousness and preciseness are his pursuits. Also, he has unique insights of Fintech.

Xiaoyu Li (Bofan)

Head of Product

Graduated from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China and obtained an FMBA degree from Tsinghua University-Hong Kong Chinese University. Previously served as a financial product specialist in Ant Group and Bank of China (Hong Kong). Assisted and established virtual banks Livi, AntBank, Essence Securities Co, and others. In charge of 0-1 supply chain financial products, covering more than 1 million users, and 100,000 SME businesses. He has enriched experience and innovative skills in financial technologies and scenario finance.

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