Cross-border E-commerce
Digital API Platform

Unleash the value of digital assets,
accumulate your revenue

Dowsure provides cross-border sellers with capital, provides financial institutions with technology, and provides platforms with solutions.

Cash Advance
Credit Financing

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XF Cloud


Cross-border Loans

Speedy loan disbursement, funds credited instantly

null  5-minute application
2-minute review and approval
0-second disbursement
null  Annual interest rate: 11.5%
null  Maximum amount up to ¥3,000,000.

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XF Cloud

Global Loan

USD Loan

Say goodbye to worries about USD demand

null   Annual interest rate: 6.8%-12%
null   Maximum amount up to $150,000
null   Online approval in seconds, easy operation.

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XF Cloud

Dowfund Loan

Doufang helps, smooth turnover

null  Annual interest rate: 10.8%
null  Maximum amount up to ¥10,000,000
null  Turn inventory pressure into driving force.

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Insurance Cloud


Business Comprehensive Liability Insurance


null Direct sales by first-tier insurance companies
null Fast issuance in 3 minutes
null  100% approval rate

According to Article 9 of the Amazon Business Solutions Agreement: If a seller's total sales revenue in any month on Amazon Marketplace exceeds $10,000, or in other situations required by Amazon, the seller must purchase and maintain commercial liability insurance within 30 days.Failure to purchase as required or to timely renew the policy upon expiration will result in suspension of selling privileges.

Support multiple platforms

Seller Cloud

Immediate capital access with your
Shop Assets, which can be used to cover various
operating expenses or withdraw cash.


We provide developers with leads for target customers, dual-account locking features, risk-control model, and all advanced technologies that Dowsure shared in the industry.

Dow+ Cloud

A supply chain financial solution developed specifically
for cross-border ecological service providers.

  New customers are requesting credit terms,but you don't know them well?

  Is it too exhausting to chase customers who deliberately delay payment?

   Is it too much pressure to finance customers with long payment terms and high credit limits?  

  If you don't give customers credit terms, they may be lost

Dow+ Funding Services

Helps service providers solve funding problems and relieve their pressure.

Dow+ Credit Assessment

Helps service providers evaluate the operating risks of seller stores and provides credit term recommendations.

Dow+ Account Locking

Controls seller's receipt of funds and solves seller's repayment willingness.

Dow+ Cooperation

Helps service providers attract new customers and achieve win-win cooperation.

XF Cloud

Enrich financial institutions to the billion-dollar marketplaces
of cross-border financing

The industry has grown ten times within five years, and the financial demand has exceeded billions of USD. To explore the potential of cross-border financing marketplaces, customize your cross-border products with Dowsure XF Cloud now.

XF Cloud | SaaS

Provides financial institutions with one-stop integrated services. 

We provide comprehensive empowerment for you, including credit product design, application process, credit models and risk control technology.

XF Cloud | API

For developers

In XF Cloud | API, we provide developers with leads for target customers, dual-account locking feature, risk-control model, and all advanced technologies that Dowsure experienced in the industry.  

For insurance companies, please look at 


Information Security

Digital-asset Value Assessment DVA™

After years of R&D, Dowsure has developed the industry-leading model DVA™ by utilizing advanced AI technology. It is capable of estimating the value of digital assets efficiently and sufficiently with only the operational data of merchants.

Store’s Rating Model

AI Risk Control Model

Operational Estimate Model

Capital Valuation Model

Dual Account Locking Technology DAL™

DAL™ is a ground-breaking technology that utilizes leading encryption algorithms. We have the technology to monitor cross-border sellers' fund flow and minimize the risks of repayment. Partners can put all the effort into growth and product design without any concerns of capital risks.

Cross-border e-commerce

Cross-border payment

Cross-border payment



LianLian Pay

Credit Payment Network CPN™

Advanced API technologies make Dowsure capable of providing credit payment solutions to all cross-border merchant service providers. We have built a joint network with cross-platforms in order to unleash partner's capital pressure.

Creditline Estimate Model

Worldwide Repayment Service

Buy Now Pay Later SDK

Entrusted Payment API

Information Security

We have extremely high standards on information security to meet the world-class security standards. Dowsure technologies guarantee the security of cross-border information and meet the strict standards of data transmission and privacy protection, and we are qualified with SOC1 TYPE1 certification and ISO27001 certification.

Dowsure Lending API

Turn our capabilities into yours

Dowsure lending API organizes the data on aspects of cross-border merchants operation, which empowers developers to understand the value of e-commerce stores.

Whether it is a powerful model algorithm and complex fund locking technology, or an integration of various application scenarios, all are easily made possible with our API.

Assisted more than
100,000 +
e-commerce merchants
Funded more than
20,000 +
cross-border sellers
Increased more than
10 Billion +
seller’s GMV
Offer more than
10 +
technology services

About Dowsure

Dowsure, as the world's leading digital API platform in cross-border e-commerce. We cooperate with financial institutions and have launched financial products with API technologies, advanced models, and algorithms, providing cross-border e-commerce sellers with faster, more convenient, and safer financing solutions.

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Grow with funds, grow with us!

Grow with funds, grow with us!

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