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Dowfund Loan

Provide purely online one-stop financial technology services

Product Details


3 months interest repayment and 6 months equal principal repayment

Repayment Term: 

9 months

Product Features:

Support early repayment, no default fee

Product Features:

High credit limit, unsecured and pure credit, pure online approval, convenient operation process

Four main advantages

All the best with your overseas endeavor

Customized for cross-border e-commerce sellers

High credit limit:

According to the credit of the store, the maximum amount can reach 1000W

No collaterals, full credit

Utilize your digital assets

Fully online application

Online application, activation in one click, disbursement within an hour.

Easy process

Release funds for use, borrow, and repay at any time.

Service advantages

Consultation service

Dedicated consumer service

One-to-one follow-up with client manager, online guides throughout the process.

Consultation services

Provision of one-stop solutions based on the actual situation and pain points of corporate customers.

Increase valuation service

Meeting various business needs of customers through a broad network of cross-border partners.

Steps of Use

You can get cash in a few simple steps, support multiple stores with joint credit, and meet your financing needs in one stop.

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Binding your store

Fill in information

Crediting & approval


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