Simple 4 steps, fast customs clearance

1. Apply for insurance

Submit materials and obtain insurance policies after approval

2. Handling voucher

Handle customs clearance vouchers with the insurance policy

3. Customs clearance

Customs inspection certificates can be cleared after they are valid

4. Pay customs duty

Make up the customs duty, insurance liability terminates

What benefits will you get?

Reduce the cost

Reducing Customs Clearance Cost of Enterprises

Improve efficiency

Customs clearance before tax payment,Shorten clearance time

Revitalize cash flow

Reduce capital occupation and release bank credit lines

Avoid business risks

Shorten cargo detention time

  • Customs Bond Insurance

  • Bank Guarantee

Enterprise Cost

As for 10 million yuan of customs duty guarantee deposit, based on monthly insurance rate of about 2‰, and the annual insurance rate of 2.4%, the enterprise needs to pay 240,000 yuan of capital costs. The cost is reduced by 70%.
As for 10 million yuan of customs duty guarantee deposit, based on the annual rate of 5.5% plus a guarantee rate of 2.5 % for the guarantee company, the enterprise needs to pay 800,000 yuan.

Required Time

Greatly shorten the time for evaluating enterprises and save 1-2 days for guarantee deposit payment. The handling time is within 2-3 working days.
Financial institutions will investigate and evaluate enterprises and guarantee institutions will evaluate and audit enterprises, which will take about one month.

Handling Flow

There is no need for bank credit and no need to pay guarantee deposit. Through guarantee of the insurance institution, the handling process will be shortened. Enterprises can pass the customs first and then handle customs clearance.
As for guarantee deposit payment, the threshold is high and the passing rate for small and medium-sized enterprises is low. The bank credit is occupied at the same time.
The State strongly promotes customs clearance innovation.

The State Council, the Customs Administration and other departments have issued papers to actively promote the reform and innovation of customs clearance.

Why do you choose Dowsure?

Improve pass rate

Help SMEs to effectively improve the pass rate

Optimize insurance process

Internet + insurance technology to optimize the insurance process, enhance efficiency

Increase credit limit

Increase the credit limit for SMEs and simplify the procedures for multiple insurance applications

Insurance Application Procedure

Fill in the Insurance Application for quota application

Dowsure and the insurance institution evaluate the insurance conditions and complete the insurance application

The insurance institution issues a formal insurance policy

The insurance policy takes effect when the insurance premium is paid

When taxes are paid on time, the insurance liability is terminated

In case of overdue tax payment, the insurance institution shall complete the claim settlement within 5 working days


Be overdue

Industry News

Statement of Insurance Liability
If the applicant (enterprise) fails to pay the customs duties involved in the declaration of imported goods during the insurance period, and the insured (customs) applies to the insurance company for compensation, the insurance company shall compensate the insured (customs) for the customs duties and late fees payable by the applicant (enterprise) in accordance with the insurance contract.Customs duties include, but are not limited to, import duties, import value-added tax, import consumption tax, anti-dumping duties, countervailing duties, funds for processing abandoned electrical and electronic products, and interest on tax deferral.