• The Case of an American Transshipment Company

    The differences in services between overseas trans-shipment companies of various scales are small, competition is fierce, and some enterprises operate irregularly, resulting in increasingly tense relations between consumers and trans-shipment companies, which has brought the common problem on lack of trust.

    Towards the year end of the "The Black Friday" shopping season in 2016, a transshipment company entered into cooperation with Dowsure, and Dowsure provides additional risk protection services for its all packages sent back from the United States. The impact of cross-border shopping season peaks, the high risk in transportation and the serious impact on the timeliness of customs clearance processing result in the general increase in distribution cycle by 4-5 times. The original double loss of compensation costs and corporate reputation that the transport company has to bear has been effectively controlled through the guarantee service.


  • Cases on solution to an international well-known logistics enterprise

    At the beginning of 2018, a well-known domestic logistics enterprise was mainly engaged in the export of international small packages, sending more than 100,000 packages abroad every day, and going through various means of transportation, multiple loading, unloading, handling and transshipment, so it is inevitable that the problem of loss or damage will occur. In addition, due to the impact of the transaction peak and blizzard, the customs clearance is slow, the warehouse operation is overloaded, and landing delivery is blocked. As a result of the constant customer complaints, the enterprise has taken a huge risk of compensation.

    According to the situation of the enterprise, Dowsure provides a guarantee scheme for damage, lost and delayed risks, and realizes full-automatic operation through the development of API interfaces for insurance and claims settlement, which disperses the risk of enterprise on compensation and reduces the pressure on enterprise customer service.

  • Cases on solution to a well-known international e-commerce platform

    At the end of 2017, a well-known international cross-border e-commerce platform found Dowsure Technology, hoping to help its platform solve the problems of goods circulation risk and consumer reputation in the import process. The Dowsure provides targeted solutions for the platform and makes third-party credit commitments through genuine guarantee insurance, product source guarantee insurance and validity guarantee insurance, and provides timely dispute resolution;  The loss package, lost package, delayed package and return package we provide reduce the after-sales cost originally borne by the platform and solve the customer's concern on "difficult to return with refund", which has brought about a great improvement in the customer service experience.

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