They have alaready provided Dowsure protections for their customers.

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  • NJX ft

    Wuhan NJX ft Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd

    Founded in 2017, the main business is Amazon and other platforms.

  • Cool energy

    Shenzhen Kuneng Century Technology Co., Ltd.

    Strength B2C vendors professional suppliers. Business throughout AMAZON EBAY, Wish, etc.

  • Eternal team

    Shenzhen eternal team electronics Co., Ltd.

    There are branches and overseas warehouses around the world to provide emerging technology consumer brand services.

  • China Eastern Airlines

    Pujiang Donghang Lock Industry Co., Ltd.

    It is an enterprise that produces and processes locks and other products.

  • Smart intelligence

    Shenzhen Lingdong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

    A foreign trade B2C company mainly supplying popular products such as home and outdoor.

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  • Sto express

    Shanghai Shenlingda Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.

    Sto express International is committed to providing professional cross-border logistics supply chain services for global cross-border E-commerce

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  • Ali electricity supplier

    Shenzhen Ali E-commerce Logistics Co., Ltd.

    Providing high quality and low price international delivery services for e-commerce sellers and individuals.

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  • UniDoor

    Shenzhen UniDoor Technology Co., Ltd.

    UniDoor is a multinational integrated logistics service provider.

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  • Union Express

    Shenzhen Union Express International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.

    Union Express is a professional supplier dedicated to providing global logistics services for cross-border e-commerce.

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  • Yunexpress

    ShenzhenYunexpress Logistics Co., Ltd.

    A service provider dedicated to providing global logistics services and professional transport solutions for cross-border e-commerce.

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  • Global Jetta

    Shenzhen Global Jetta Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.

    The company mainly operates cross-border e-commerce logistics companies.

  • SFC

    Shenzhen Qianhai Sanwei Modern Logistics Co., Ltd.

    A cross-border e-commerce integrated service provider.

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  • NI HAO market

    Italy nihao group limited

    One of the largest Chinese chain stores in Italy.

  • Tao li man tian xia

    Nanjing Taoli Mantian Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.

    A high-tech e-commerce integrated service enterprise focusing on domestic and overseas imports.

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  • Yangcong omall

    Tibet Liangkeshu Trading Co., Ltd.

    Yangcong OMALL is a cross-border e-commerce integrated service platform.

  • Haowujiayi

    Shenzhen haowu jia yi technology Co., Ltd.

    A community e-commerce based on C2B2C Weixin applet.

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  • Uncle express

    shanghai trade day information technology Co., Ltd.

    A comprehensive platform for transshipment, purchasing guidance, consulting and other services for the goods you buy in Haitao.

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  • Leyifen

    Leyifan Inc.

    A comprehensive platform for Japan's Haitao service.

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  • ADI

    Air Direct International

    Integrated service platform for cross-border e-commerce registered in France.

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  • Coke PS

    Shanghai Zhonglin Logistics Co., Ltd.

    Provide solutions for cross-border logistics from the United States to China.

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  • Fataoba

    Qinhuangdao Fataoba International Trade Co., Ltd.

    Provide services such as law-in-transit of goods.

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  • 8Europe

    Albo (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

    The company is mainly engaged in international logistics and transportation business and has the largest warehouse in Europe.

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  • Xipost

    Chengdu Depinhui Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.

    Engaged in all-round services such as Haitao German transshipment.

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  • Happht

    Beijing Happht Technology Co., Ltd.

    Provide a global cross-border e-commerce one-stop logistics solution platform.

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  • Liveinjp

    Live International Trade Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)

    The fastest and most convenient Japanese transshipment platform.

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