• 3.1 How to register and log in?

    Enter Dowsure's website and click on the upper right corner to enter login / registration

  • 3.2 How to complete and modify Merchant Information?

    After the merchant registration is completed, you can jump to the merchant information page, where you can complete it.

    You can also enter the merchant platform center - > management center - > merchant information - > click on the bottom right corner to complete / modify the merchant information

  • 3.3 Can I reset my password?

    Enter the account center - > click reset password

  • 3.4 How to become a service / channel provider for Dowsure?

    Register on merchant platform - > complete merchant information - > sign cooperation agreement - > complete cooperation exchange

  • 3.5 If the existing plan cannot solve my problem, where should I do?

    For more solutions, please go to: Customized Solutions;

    Or you can contact the account manager.

  • The above is the basic product specification. For more solutions,please go to: Customized Solutions